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Are you a therapist or counselor looking for professional credit hours? Are you seeking to improve your skill set, or needing meet professional requirements? Would you welcome professional training that you can take at a time and place you choose, 24/7, without travelling? Then this course may be for you.

In your practice, do you have clients who are controlled by the behavior of others? Do your clients have difficulty with affection, sadness, anger, criticism, unresponsiveness in others, impulsiveness, or with others telling them what to do (i.e., commanding, issuing orders, or being firm)? In the presence of these social stimuli, do any of your clients tense, impulsively try to avoid them, or try to change (often by getting angry at them?

Of course you have clients like that. What therapist or counselor doesn’t? Sometimes these issues take up much of your counseling or therapy time. The PICS™ Self-Counseling System™[1] can help free you up to work with more clients in less time. While you work with your clients face-to-face, between sessions they can be doing “homework” that will help liberate them. Then you can focus on the more difficult situations. What is more, if you choose, you could add another source of income to your practice as well!

The PICS™ Self-Counseling System will help you help your clients gain a fuller understanding of themselves and others. What is more, your clients will be freer to act and to take control of all their relationships. By guiding them through this course, you will save office time and direct cost to your clients, and still deliver effective therapy/counseling to them.

The PICS  Self-Counseling System provides additional, easy-to-learn, well-researched, practical, and effective real-life training for your clients to do between sessions. Their experiences with the client version of the program (Pressing Your Own Buttons: Take Control of Your Life So Others Don’t! ™) will not only reinforce your face-to-face sessions with your clients, but will accelerate their progress as well.

As a therapist or counselor, you know that the behavior of others affects your clients. In fact, whatever others say, do, or even how they look in our presence elicits some kind of response in all of us: even if we only anticipate their behavior. Often your clients will respond positively. Then the behavior of others enriches communication and interpersonal relationships. Then clients get along with others.

Unfortunately, sometimes clients’ responses are not helpful. They interfere with their relationships. Sometimes what other say, do, or how they look causes clients to tense up, try to avoid them, or even compels them to try to change other people. When clients do this automatically—impulsively—then “others” take control of them. The client loses control.

Our job as counselors and therapists is to help clients feel free to act as they choose when they choose: rationally! Yet, like so many others, from time to time your clients avoid people that make them feel uncomfortable. Your clients may feel tense around people who do or say things that they don’t like, or they get irrationally angry. Each time they do, they give over control of their lives to those who “make them” feel uncomfortable in some way. The client gives control of his or her life over to others whenever that client responds impulsively to what the others say, do, or even to how they look!

To help clients in these situations can take up to a dozen, sometimes more, sessions. For some clients the cost of so many sessions is within their financial means. For many others it is not. So, those that cannot afford the help you can give them, don’t come for it. Yet, if progress could come more quickly in fewer sessions, or they could do more of the work themselves, they would come. In fact, in our research, we have found that some clients can do the work on their own with minimal help. Surely, ethically, we have an obligation to provide the maximum help in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

Using The PICS™ Self-Counseling System™ you, the therapist or counselor, can reduce in-office sessions, yet still help your clients make excellent progress. Equipping clients with The PICS™ Self-Counseling System™ will not only provide the training they need to overcome their troublesome social stimuli: affection, sadness, anger, criticism, unresponsiveness, impulsiveness, or commanding (issuing orders, being firm).

In fact, you could do the  PICS™ program with small groups of clients. I have done it myself with as many as 23 students at a time over a period of just a few weeks.

Course Learning Outcomes

After you complete this course, you will be able to guide your clients through the student version of The  PICS™ Self-Counseling System. As you do they  will:

  • Understand, and be able to explain, the meaning of social stimuli.
  • Be able to identify which social stimuli are your most troublesome.
  • Understand the difference between observations, inferences, and evaluations as well as how important that understanding is to you personally.
  • Know how to effectively use the PICS 7 Steps to Personal Freedom™.
  • Be able to explain to others the difference between external and internal stimuli.
  • Be able to respond rationally to your own “button pressers”.
    Know how to “Take control of your life so others don’t!™”.
  • Understand and know how to apply the PICS 7 Steps to Personal Freedom™.

Course Description

Both The  PICS™ Self-Counseling System and the client version (Pressing Your Own Buttons: Take Control of Your Life So Others Don’t!™) consist of 9 lessons. Each lesson helps you take your clients one step closer to being freer to act rationally and positively to formerly troublesome social stimuli.

Lesson by lesson they will learn to master their interpersonal coping skills as they have never done before. By the time they complete all 9 lessons they will be taking control of their lives so others don’t! Interestingly, they often will be able to help others do the same. The skills in each lesson are easy-to-learn, practical, and liberating.

What is more, you have the option of either earning additional income by having your clients cover the cost of the course, or you can discount their cost by the amount of the affiliate referral fee you would otherwise earn by employing the client version (Pressing Your Own Buttons: Take Control of Your Life So Others Don’t!™) of PICS ™ with your clients.[2]

As you employ this course in your practice, your clients will learn:

  • How the behavior of others affects them.
  • How certain behaviors came to affect them the way they do.
  • How you learned to respond as they do.
  • How to change their feelings about other people’s behavior.
    How to change their evaluations of those behaviors
  • How to reinterpret those social stimuli.
  • To be freer and more able to deal with others.
  • To understand “feelings” in a whole new way.
  • How to be more comfortable speaking in public
  • To manage their anger and better handle the anger of others.
  • To be more comfortable when they feel ignored.
  • Change their feelings about being ignored.
  • To be comfortable with the affection of others toward them and they toward others.
  • How to manage their sadness and the sadness of others.
  • To cool their “hot buttons” and take control of their relationships with others.
  • How to help others as this course will help them.

Whatever their pace, clients can take any one or more of the lessons over and over again as often as they like from the privacy of their own homes.

As a Practitioner
When you enrol in The  PICS ™ Self-Counseling System™ training course, you will automatically become a site member for 3 months. Afterward, you may obtain a license to make your own copies of the course for the use of clients in your practice for the term of your membership.

Platinum Membership
After completing The PICS  Self-Counseling System training course, you will have the option of becoming a  PICS ™ Platinum Member. Platinum membership provides you the opportunity of participating in a variety of member benefits: forums, The  PICS ™ Newsletter™, participation in conference calls, access to speakers.

PLUS . . . Additional benefits that will be announced from time to time, including free eBooks and access to free information about future events and workshops which may be of interest to you and your practice.

In the forums you can ask questions and share your experiences with others. You can also list your practice and let others know of your publications.

[1] PICS = Perfecting Interpersonal Coping Skills
[2] Practitioners are ethically entitled to earn additional income from resources and/or services sold to or otherwise provided to clients or for referrals of clients to other practitioners or agents. However, ethical requirements dictate that any benefit a practitioner gains directly or indirectly from a client must be disclosed to the client who acquires any or all of those resources that led to the practitioner’s benefit. Full disclosure is a moral, ethical, and legal requirement.

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Course Materials

Course Materials Pressing Your Own Buttons Manual. Pressing Your Own Buttons Programmed-Learning Workbook. 9 Audio/Video lessons. Members' forums. Email access to the course instructor. Evaluation of assignments. Certificate for credit hours upon successful completion of The PICS ™ Self-Counseling System™ training course. NOTE: Whether you to take the full 9-lesson course or choose to learn entirely on your own without the course, you may purchase the course Manual (lesson notes), Programmed Workbook, and/or a DVD of Gary Screaton Page presenting "Pressing Your Own Buttons" to participants at one of his seminars.

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